About Us

About Primary School Books

We are a three generation educational publishing company that has introduced a new imprint “Primary School Books” for the home market.

The family company began writing school text and activity books in 1984 and began publishing in 1992 with sales exceeding 5 million books.

Today, we continue to author and publish books as Hunter Education and Primary School Books. The focus is still on activity books for primary school children across Australia. 

About The Authors

Our authoring team is made up of teachers, some former principals who interpret curriculum guidelines and elaborations to produce fun activities for children that produce results in learning.

Paul Nightingale

After a ten year non competitive period Paul Nightingale has produced two, seven book series in Maths, K/Prep to year 6 for home use. He has also written Homework books and Assessment books that cover each state in Maths

Colleen Timoshenko

Colleen Timoshenko and Tess brought English to life with their “Time for Better English” series, K/Prep to year 6.¬†Colleen further authored Year 3 to 6 Homework series.

Tess Finneran

Tess Finneran with Colleen brought English to life with their “Time for Better English” series, K/Prep to year 6. Tess also wrote the popular “Time for Reading Comprehension” series, F/K/Prep to year 6.

Karen Francis

Karen Francis wrote the “Time for Spelling” seven book series that is essential to help children learn the rules and become better spellers.

Marion Ireland

Marion Ireland’s knowledge and experience in teaching reading has authored four books around “Phonics”, the foundations of reading.

Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter is the youngest of our team. Her focus is on Preschool and Handwriting. She has written a Handwriting series for each state in Australia.