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The Maths series is amazing. As soon as I got my child using it, I could see much better results in class tests, but also a greater understanding of Maths, which I think was due to how well the book is set out. It makes Maths much easier for kids to understand. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting their child to get a step ahead of the class! 

Steven J.

I have been super impressed with the English Primary School Books. During the peak of lockdowns in Victoria I was tearing my hair out with home schooling duties. Once I found this series it all become so much easier. I highly recommend any of the primary school books range to all parents.  

Brogan R.

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Hi, I’m Paul Nightingale, author and publisher of Primary School Books. We specialise in educational books for 2021 primary school children.

You may have purchased books and book packs, written by myself and authors during the COVID pandemic in 2020. These books helped your child stay ahead of the pack and ensured your child did not fall behind academically during this period.

Our range of books and book packs have recently been updated.
The new series of school books have been developed by teachers for your children and will help fill any gaps in learning that may occur. They are specifically designed for use at home.

The learning process has begun at school and children are eager to:
• learn
• gain knowledge
• develop skills
• and display a positive attitude to the key learning areas.

Maths, English, Spelling and Reading are treated in depth in our publications. Primary School Books, our new imprint, reinforces learning that children gain at school. Our books provide the safety net so your child won’t be one of the three that fall through the gaps.


Books we publish, parallel our school’s curriculum with fun activities for children to complete and gain knowledge and essential skills in each subject.

To help parents understand the learning process, guidelines, programs, activities with answers, extensions and evaluations are provided in each book. Parents can easily follow these guidelines, correct work and finally assess progress made by the child with the completion of activities.

There is a book for each of the key learning areas appropriate to the year or grade for your child or children.

You can help at home with the learning process and be confident in the knowledge that you have given your children the best foundation for learning. Not only with school subjects but also with confidence and skills needed as we travel through life.

Select a book or book pack to help your child learn at home. 

Paul Nightingale.


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